WordPress’s Best File Upload Plugins

file upload plugin

file upload plugin

Make it easier for your WordPress site’s users by allowing them to easily upload files. Uploading documents such as reports, images, PDFs, and other types of files to your WordPress site is made much easier with the use of a file uploader plug-in for WordPress. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best WordPress file upload plugins in this article.

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WordPress file upload plugin: what is its benefit?

Uploading files to a WordPress site is restricted to logged-in users. In other words, if you want someone to be able to upload a file to your website, you’ll need to set up a separate account for them and give them permission to sign in. This can be time consuming, and it also raises concerns about safety.
However, with the right plugin, you can easily allow file uploads on your WordPress site. While providing customer support, it is helpful to allow users to upload files such as images and archives.
Additionally, these plugins make it simple to collect visitor-provided content such as blog posts, resumes, customer quotes, images, recordings, and other media. We should, however, take a look at some of the best WordPress file upload plugins.
This is the best form plugin for WordPress, and it’s incredibly simple to set up and manage. Using this plugin, you can create any kind of form for your website, including file upload forms. Pre-built templates allow you to get started quickly and quickly add forms to your website.
There are two types of file upload fields: the traditional single-file upload and the more modern drag-and-drop file upload that accepts multiple files simultaneously.
Images, recordings, reports, spreadsheets, PDFs and presentations can all be included in WPForms. Uploaded files can be saved to your WordPress media library if you so desire. Your site can be protected by limiting certain file types and increasing the maximum upload size to accept larger files if necessary.
File uploads are just one of the many features of WPForms. Additionally, you can create online payment forms and donations using various email marketing and payment administrations.
WPForms’ File Upload Types add support for file types that aren’t native to WordPress. WordPress lets your users upload files with specific file extensions. Attempts to upload files other than those allowed will be met with an error message reading ” Unfortunately, this kind of file isn’t allowed because of safety issues “.
You can use the WPForms File Upload Types plugin to overcome this problem and correct the blunder. With this plugin, even a complete noob can figure out what file extensions are allowed on their site. From the WordPress Admin area, you can activate or deactivate any of your plugins.
File extensions like.compress,.ai,.xml,.svg,.csv, and more can be added to WordPress using this plugin. It’s a great free plugin for adding new file types to WordPress, but it doesn’t have a front-end file uploader. WPForms or any other plugin from our list should be used in conjunction with it.
Invincible Shapes
This file upload plugin for WordPress, Formidable Forms, is another popular choice. It is possible to create a file upload form for your website using the tool’s drag-and-drop builder.
Adding a file is as simple as clicking “Add File” or “Drag and Drop.” As soon as you upload an image, it is saved in the WordPress media library, making it available whenever you need it.
Instead of asking visitors to fill out multiple forms, this plugin lets you accept multiple files from them in a single form. Other than that, you can choose which file types are allowed in your form and set a maximum file size for your submission..

Formidable Forms can be used to build more complex forms, such as mortgage calculators and payment forms, in addition to those used for uploading files. Pre-made templates and a slew of customization options are all part of the package.
A free WordPress plugin called WordPress File Upload enables site visitors to upload files to your website. Use a shortcode in any blog post, landing page or sidebar gadget to accept file uploads.
Your WordPress dashboard will display all uploaded files under the Uploaded Files menu when a user has done so. This makes it simple to organise and manage all of the different materials that users have uploaded.
This plugin, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to use. But you can set the maximum file size that can be uploaded, limit the file augmentations that can be uploaded, and create file upload channels for different user jobs in WordPress.
It also lets you customise your file upload form in a number of ways. You can change the variety, labels, and aspects of existing form fields, as well as add additional custom fields.
User participation has never been easier thanks to this plugin, MemberPress. This enables you to upload files and control file permissions. WordPress, for example, allows you to upload a file and restrict access to it only to users who have paid for a paid membership. Perfect for selling online courses, ebooks, and other types of digital content.
You can also restrict upload permissions so that only a select group of users can do so. A participation forum where only members with a certain paid membership level are allowed to add files to their user profiles, post visitor posts, and more can benefit from it.
You can create sign-up forms, launch participation memberships, manage transactions and more with MemberPress.
Digital Downloads That’s Easy
WordPress eCommerce plugin Easy Digital Downloads allows you to sell a wide range of digital products, including ePub and PDF books, music, software, and more.
Dropbox, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and others can be used to upload WordPress files to the cloud. You can then protect files by encrypting them and allowing only those with active user accounts to download them.

Using Easy Digital Downloads, you can also allow users to upload and sell files through your site. This feature is called multi-merchant marketplace functionality. With this method, you can create your own market.
You can use MonsterInsights, the best analytics plugin for WordPress, to help you track form entries and file downloads on your website. There will be fewer transformations and a decrease in revenue if a form is abandoned. In order to improve your forms, MonsterInsights helps you identify when and why users are abandoning your forms.
In the event that your website provides users with the ability to download content, such as PDF files, recordings or spreadsheets, it is critical to know which files are most popular. You don’t have to change any code to track file downloads with MonsterInsights. Google Analytics now has the ability to track the size of any files that are being expanded.
Form tracking and file download reports can also be viewed in the WordPress dashboard.. We hope this guide has helped you find the best WordPress file upload plugin.

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