WordPress RSS Feed Can Have A Maximum Number Of Posts

RSS Feed

RSS Feed

WordPress RSS feeds can have a maximum number of posts. Of course, the most recent ten posts appear in the main RSS feed on WordPress. You can, of course, modify it to include just about any article you want. WordPress RSS feeds can have a limit on the number of posts they contain. In addition, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily create a search engine-friendly RSS sitemap. Using our WordPress sitemap guide, you can learn more about the process.

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Can I limit the number of posts in my WordPress RSS feed?

Go to the Reading section of WordPress’s settings to make any necessary adjustments.
Go to the Settings » Reading page in your WordPress admin dashboard to set a limit on the number of posts that appear in your RSS feed. There are a number of options here, but you’re looking for something close to “Syndication feeds show the latest” Enter the number of posts you’d like to see in your RSS feed, in simple terms.

Making a decision about how to display posts

For RSS feeds, you can choose whether to show the entire post or just selected sections by clicking on the drop-down menu below this section. Because it reduces the feed size while increasing the number of views your page receives, we recommend going with the Excerpt option.

Leave the settings as they are.

Remember to press the Save Changes button after you’ve made your changes. The number of posts that appear in the RSS feed of your site has now been effectively restricted by you.

A sitemap for search engines can be created using RSS.

It isn’t a good idea to increase the number of posts in the main WordPress RSS feeds if you want to increase search engine visibility in the feeds. RSS sitemaps are supported by many well-known search engines, including Google and Bing.
While XML sitemaps contain the bulk of your content, an RSS sitemap only includes the most recent posts on your site.
When you use an RSS feed, search engines are able to find the most recent content on your site much faster. You don’t have to change your main WordPress RSS feed if you want to draw a different line for posts you want to include.
Using the All in One SEO WordPress plugin is the quickest and simplest way to add an RSS sitemap to WordPress. This is the best WordPress SEO plugin on the market, and it’s easy to use even if you don’t have any SEO experience.
Install and activate the All in One SEO for WordPress plugin to begin.
This will open the All-in-One SEO Setup Wizard, which will guide you through the process. The easiest way to get started with this plugin is to follow the simple on-screen instructions. In the All in one SEO » Sitemaps page, you should go to the RSS Sitemap tab.
The RSS sitemap can be enabled and the number of posts included in the sitemap can be set from here.
It includes all of your post types, from posts to pages to items to any other custom post type that you might have. Select “Include all post types” instead of “Posts” if you want to include only blog entries.
When you’re finished tweaking the settings to your liking, don’t forget to click the Save Changes button. You can now access your RSS sitemap URL by clicking the Open RSS Sitemap button on the right.
Then, you must submit your RSS sitemap to Google Search Console.
You should have learned how to limit the number of posts in a WordPress RSS feed after reading this article, and we hope it did.


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