The Best Q&A Plugins in WordPress

Q&A Plugins

In this post, we will review the best Q&A plugins for WordPress. Let’s analyze the most popular and simple solutions.

Why is the FAQ block needed?

Usually present on sites that offer services and products. It contains additional information for clients. For example, how to pay or what are the delivery methods. This is necessary for convenience in order to quickly orient the client. Let’s see what tools are available for WordPress.

Ultimate FAQ

This is a free WP plugin that has handy tools and many settings.

  1. Install and activate.
  2. In the admin panel, open the FAQs > Add New section.
  3. In the WordPress editor, enter the title of the question and the answer to it.
  4. Publish a post.

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All questions can be found under FAQs > FAQs.

To display questions and answers on the site, there are 3 ways:

  • through a block in the editor,
  • with a shortcode,
  • show in the widget.

The extension has its own blocks in the editor:

  • Display FAQs – display all questions.
  • Search FAQs – through the search.
  • Submit FAQ – subscription to new questions.
  • Recent FAQs – last added.
  • Popular FAQs are the most popular.

If you don’t want to play with blocks, use the shortcode [ultimate-faqs]. You can find a list of all shortcodes at the office. plugin page.

All questions and answers can be sorted by category and tag.

You can also display the full URL of the question in the block. There is also the possibility of commenting. All this is configured in the FAQs > FAQs Options section.

What other WordPress Q&A plugins are there?
There are other tools as well. They were not considered in detail, since they are so popular among users and have fewer features.

  • WP responsive FAQ with category plugin – has its own blocks in the editor, shortcodes, custom animation effects.
  • The Accordion FAQ is based on the popular Bootstrap library. There is sorting of blocks. Shortcodes are used for insertion.
  • Quick and Easy FAQs – own Gutenberg blocks, powered by shortcodes. You can sort questions, there is support for the Visual Composer page builder.

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