Five New Starter Themes on WordPress


The WordPress theme team at Automattic have announced the next evolution of their popular Underscores starter theme. The new project is called Components and includes five starter themes.

Components is a fork of the Underscores project. Its main difference is that it is not limited to the basic structure and simplified theme styles, i.e. the output is something closer to the finished theme for WordPress. Components currently include a set to create the following types of themes:

  • Classic blog
  • Modern blog
  • Portfolio theme
  • Magazine theme
  • Corporate theme

Each type has some specific features, for example, a portfolio theme includes a portfolio post type and the ability to display those posts in a grid. The magazine theme has a grid to display popular posts, while the corporate theme has a section for customer reviews.

The Components project was born out of the community around the Underscores starter theme, many of which suggested changes that were not entirely appropriate for all Underscores-based themes, so the developers had to reject such changes.

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In Components, this is no longer a problem, as any change can go in as a component, and only apply to a specific set of starter themes based on Components.

The Components site allows you to generate a new starter theme with a given name. The generator will assemble the theme from the necessary components in accordance with the selected type. Then the developer will be able to modify the generated theme to suit their needs, add the necessary styles and pack it into a full-fledged new theme for WordPress. We remind you that starter themes are designed specifically for direct modification, and not for creating child themes with their help.

The Components project is distributed under the free GPL license, the project itself and the generator are in the public domain on the GitHub website.

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