Mistape is a free editorial error notification plugin


Minor mistakes or misprints are the pain of anyone who, in one way or another, is faced with writing texts. Deco.agency’s Mistape plugin solves this challenge in the most elegant way. For those who are “in the know”, it’s like Orphus, only much better 🙂

Mistape and Orphus: What’s the Difference?


Orphus does not have its own WordPress plugin. The system is installed manually, and for installation, you will need to paste the script code into the site files. As a result, a graphic image appears on the website page.

Another curious moment: when generating the code, your e-mail goes into a third-party system, which, by the way, is not protected from spam in any way. This is where the question arises: is it safe to use Orphus as previously thought?


Mistape is a dedicated WordPress plugin. Connecting easily, in a few clicks, he is already ready to be your favorite assistant in correcting errors. The main advantage of the plugin is its ease of use. No additional images or external links are required. Plus, Mistape is spam-proof, interactive, and its sleek minimalist design will delight even the most demanding user.

How Mistape works

The Mistape plugin allows site visitors to report an error or typo by using the Ctrl + Enter keyboard shortcut. You have the opportunity to select the types of posts under which a warning message will be displayed.

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After pressing the “Submit” button, and animation with a flying envelope will appear, which informs about the successful sending of your comment.

An error notification with a comment from the user will be sent to the specified mail. The required address is specified in the plugin settings, which we will discuss in more detail later.

Plugin setup

Among the main settings, I would like to especially highlight the column of e-mail notifications. You can send them not only to the site owner but also to the author of a specific post, which is beneficial for sites with a large editorial team.

Next, you can choose which types of posts will be displayed with a warning message. Alternatively, you can use shortcodes for custom label placement. The format of the inscription is also custom: it will be displayed in text form or as a picture – it’s entirely up to your taste.

What’s more, Mistape allows you to choose the icon and color scheme that best matches your website design. At the end of the list of settings is the option “Dialogue mode”, where you can choose one of three possible options for the pop-up window.

The plugin Mistape also has a paid version, which is perfect for owners of large Internet resources. By purchasing the addon for $ 15, you will be able to track statistics on errors and authors, which will greatly simplify the maintenance of content.


In summary, the Mistape plugin is simple, easy to use, and visually pleasing. To date, the plugin has over 900 installations with an average user rating of 4.9.

You should no longer bother inserting pieces of code into site files or sacrifice user attention in exchange for the opportunity to receive a message about a text typo. Installing the plugin will take only a few minutes, and the result will pleasantly surprise you and will not keep you waiting long.

If you have any questions or comments about this plugin, we will be happy to answer in the comments, or on the WordPress support forum.

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