How to Use WordPress’s Special Characters

Special character

Special character

Many people want to know if WordPress posts and pages can contain special characters. These characters do not exist on a standard keyboard. We’ll go over a few different methods for inserting special characters into WordPress posts in this article. Let us know if you’ll join us later on.

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In the WordPress block editor, you can insert special characters.

In the WordPress block editor, there are two methods for adding special characters. The two of them will be examined side by side so that you can quickly determine which one is more beneficial to you.

Using HTML code, you can add characters such as “, “, ‘

When you write an article in WordPress, it is automatically formatted into HTML. Most websites make use of HTML as a markup language to express their content.
A list of HTML elements is included with the HTML file. HTML allows you to insert special codes for displaying characters, images, arrows, and other graphics.
You can use this method to add HTML characters that aren’t available on the keyboard. ‘
You can use the HTML code: ;trade& to display trademarks, for example.
You can also use the code ; Use Copy& to include the copyright image in your article.
The ampersand at the beginning of each html code and the semicolon at the end indicate that the code is complete.
When you add HTML code to the block editor, the comparing character is not immediately switched on. After posting or viewing your content, the character will appear automatically.
Special characters, Latin characters, mathematical images, monetary standards, and images of scientific measurement are all included in the character set.

Using a plugin to add special characters to WordPress

In order to avoid having to constantly check the HTML substance reference graph for new characters, it’s better to use a plugin.
Install and activate the Insert Special Characters plugin and you’re ready to go.
It’s just a matter of editing the post or page where you want to add special characters after activating this plugin. Select Special characters from the drop-down arrow on the block toolbar inside the paragraph block.
Special characters will be shown in a pop-up window that appears when this command is entered. To insert a character into the editor, simply look for the character you want to use and click on it.

Use the Old WordPress Editor to Insert Special Characters

If you’re writing an article in WordPress’ old classic editor, this is how you can insert special characters.
There are a few things you need to do before you can use the special characters. The second column of formatting options will expand, allowing you to see special characters.
There are a few normal special characters, such as money images, trademarks, copyrights, enrolled trademarks, and mathematical images, that can be accessed by clicking the special characters button.
Keep in mind that if you use the old editor in WYSIWYG mode, this method may work.
Use a visual editor if you’re using it in text mode, otherwise, use the HTML Substances method shown above.
To insert a symbol or character into your post, simply click on it.
If you’ve found this tutorial helpful, please let us know in the comments below!

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