How to Split an Article into Multiple Pages

split a WordPress article

Do you want to break large WordPress articles into several pages for ease of reading? There is an exit! This is to add the WordPress NextPage tag. Let’s figure out how to do it right.

How to split a WordPress article?

The arsenal of the engine has all the necessary tools. Consider creating pagination for the old and new visual editors.

Classic editor

To split a post or page, you need to insert the tag in the content field <!–nextpage–>. You can also do this with a toolbar button (see How to add a nextpage button to the visual editor ).

To paste, switch to Text mode and paste the tag where the new subpage will start.

For the visitor it will look like this:

As a result, the main page will have the address





In the new editor, simply add a Page Break block at the breakpoint.

Plugin Automatically Paginate Posts

This method is suitable if you want to automatically paginate an article.

After installing and activating the extension, open the Settings > Reading section and scroll to the very end.

In the Supported post types option, specify the type of posts for which to apply auto-layout.

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The Split post by setting has 2 meanings. If you check the first one, then the plugin itself chooses where to insert the page break. Select the second, indicate the number of words on one page.

How to remove duplicates within an article?

When a post is split into separate pages, duplicates appear. Search engines don’t like them. Duplicate content on a website is a demotion in search results. Therefore, it makes sense to remove them.

One way is the Clearfy Pro premium solution plugin.

Just open the Clearfy Pro section in the admin panel and on the Duplicates tab, activate the setting Delete duplicate post pagination.

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