How to Remove WLWManifest XML and What is it?

Remove WLWManifest XML

Let’s look at another way to get rid of the excess in the code of the pages of the WordPress site. This is the removal of the WLWMifest XML reference.

WLWManifest XML – what is it and why disable it?

Technically, this is a URL link at the beginning of the page’s HTML code, found in the <head> section of every page on a WP site.

<link rel="WLWManifest " type="application/WLWManifest +xml" href=" .xml" />

It connects technology that adds the ability to work with the posts and pages of the site using the online Windows Live Writer service or a separate application. This is convenient for projects with a complex structure, where many authors and editors work.

If you work on your publications only from the admin panel, then this function is not needed. If you turn it off, then there will be no errors, and the site will also work stably.

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How to remove the WLWManifest link

Let’s look at 2 simple ways.

Clearfy Pro Plugin

This is an easy method and recommended for beginners.

If you have this add-on installed and activated:

  1. Open the Clearfy Pro Admin Menu
  2. Go to the Code tab
  3. Activate the Delete WLWManifest link option
  4. Click Save Changes

functions.php file

Just open your active WP theme file and paste one line of code at the very end:

remove_action( 'wp_head', 'WLWManifest_link' );

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