How to Remove Author Name from WordPress Posts

Remove Author Name Wordpress

For some people, privacy is everything, they just can’t live without it. As far writers for a Blog go, they want the world to know that they are writing on what sites. However, some owners can’t afford that and they want to keep the author’s name hidden from the public. Or there comes a time when a writer doesn’t want to reveal his/her name to anyone. There are multiple reasons behind that but let’s just say they want to keep it hidden.

Normally WP themes are bound to show the Author’s name, meta-data along with the date, and other details. And also, by default, there is no option in WP to remove or hide these options. But that doesn’t mean there is no way at all! Today we’ll discuss 2 different methods to Remove Author Name from WordPress Posts. Without further ado, let’s continue to check them.

Why remove or hide Author Name from WordPress Posts?

Well, apart from that the Author is working in secret with you! If the post is a collective work between members of the team, then giving credit to just one guy is not right. So, if this keeps up, you can’t sit around and write names of authors every time to not let only one have all the credit. So the best way is to just remove the name of the author from the very start. That way no matter how many writers you have, they will all get the credit. However, for that, you’ll need to add a Team page on your site and let everyone know about the members of the team.

With that said, now let’s look at how we can remove or hide the author name from WP posts. Follow the method that you think is easy for you. Cuz following the complicated guide can cause more trouble for you.

Manually Remove Author Name from WordPress Posts

So basically, hiding or removing the plugin is the work of your theme. Since the theme is responsible for displaying the information to the viewer. So, in order to remove the author’s name from the posts, we need to make some changes to the theme itself. And by editing means, we need to add some lines o code to the theme. If you are not sure about your coding skills, then use the 2nd method. Otherwise, we are good to go.

Note: Before going ahead, make sure to create a backup of your theme. So in case if there are any problems, you can always revert back to the original place.

Moreover, since every theme uses a different code, you need to find that code and edit it. That code is located in the functions.php file or the template-tags.php file. You need to find the code with the author name in it and delete it. Then view your website and see the changes. That method only removes the author name but all the content will remain the same.

Even after hiding the author’s name, you can still search for the author via the same URL. Since the URL remains the same, you can get traffic from the search engine. However, if you want to hide the Author’s Archives, then you’ll need an All in on SEO Plugins. Install and activate the Plugin.

Once the plugin is activated, open All in One SEO > Search Appearance and navigate to its dashboard > Archives. Here you can look at the author archive settings > toggle the Author Archives switch and disable author archives on your site.

Create a Generic Author Name

This method does not remove the author’s name but can also be used as an alternative method. If you can’t able to find the code on the above method, then this one will work for sure. However, it only changes the author name instead of removing it. You can choose a generic author name that will be used for the rest of the posts and pages.

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Note: Keep in mind that this method is irreversible! If you want to revert back to its original name, you’ll need to change the names individually in every post. So be careful before following this solution.


To do this, you’ll need to create a new user and then give it a generic name. Next, you need to visit Users > All Users and click on the Edit link below the username you just added.

Look for the Nickname option in the Profile and enter the name you want to be displayed as.

Then click on the Display name publicly and choose the nickname you just entered. You can also add a generic bio as well as create a gravatar for that specific user.

Now go to the Posts > All Posts page and change the ‘number of items to display’ value to 999. That way you can edit the author name of lots of posts at the same time.

To do that, check the Title box and choose Edit in the bulk options and click on Apply.

Then locate Author and change the Author’s name as you like. WordPress will update all the posts and you can see any of them on your site to confirm.

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