How to Password Protect WordPress Uploads

Password Protect WordPress

Looking for an easy way to password protect downloads from your WordPress site? Let’s analyze a simple working method using a free plugin.

You can offer to download an e-book, instructions or even a training video on your resource. This can be used to sell digital products or offer these files as freebies to attract visitors and grow your subscriber list.

But what if you want to protect these files and only allow certain visitors to access them? A great option is to password protect.

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Simple Download Monitor Plugin

Can not only protect files with a password but also track their downloads.

  1. First, install the SDM extension.
  2. Go to the admin section Downloads > New download.
  3. On the new upload page, enter the file details (title, description) and thumbnail ( File Thumbnail option ).
  4. In the Downloadable File block, add the file to be downloaded.
  5. Go to the Publish block, in the Visibility option, select the Password protected value. Enter the password and click the OK button.
  6. Publish the page.
  7. Then scroll to the very end of the Shortcodes block.
  8. The first shortcode displays a download button. The second output is the download count for that item.
  9. Copy the first shortcode and add it to a post or page where users can download it.
  10. Now, in order to be able to download, the visitor must enter a password and click the Download Now!

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