How to List All Authors of a WordPress Site

List All Authors

Do you need to show all the authors of your site or team members on one page? Let’s take a simple way. Our task is to display a list of site users (post authors) on a specific page. To make it look great, we will show their avatars, names, and links to publications.

How to display all authors?

We will show a list of them on a separate page. To do this, you need to follow several steps.

Step 1:  Go to Pages > Add New, name it, and publish it.

Step 2: Install and activate the free Author Avatars List plugin.

The plugin does not have a separate block in Gutenberg. To work with it in the new editor, use the Classic block.

Step 3: Return to the created page and on the editor toolbar, click the button with the user’s image.

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Step 4: In the pop-up window, specify the settings:

  • Shortcode type: List of users.
  • Show Roles: The roles of the authors of the publications.
  • Display settings: what to show for each author.
  • User link to link to the author’s page, to his site, to the last entry.
  • Sort Order: The order in which user data is displayed.
  • Max number of avatars to display: The number of all authors that will be shown.
  • The maximum number of avatars per page: how many authors will be displayed on one page (with numbering if there are several).
  • Minimum required number of entries: the minimum number of author entries that will be displayed if the Show number of entries option is checked in the Display settings block.
  • Hidden Users: User IDs that will not be displayed.
  • White list of users: only users from this list will be shown (list IDs separated by commas).

Step 5: To insert a list, click Insert.

A special shortcode will be added to the content.

This shortcode can be inserted anywhere in the content of a page or post.

The plugin has an Author Avatars widget to show a list of authors in the site’s widget area.

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