How to Install Surge on WordPress


A few days ago, the Surge plugin was released, which increases the speed of the site by caching the page in WordPress. Unlike the competition, Surge is very simple, has no settings, and works immediately after activation.

In synthetic load tests, the Surge has shown the ability to withstand 1000-2500 requests per second on a cheap single-core virtual server with only 1GB of RAM.

The cached data in Surge is stored in the file system on the disk, and the Linux kernel efficiently uses RAM to store the most frequently used files in order to minimize disk reads. Surge also works great when paired with Nginx proxy_cache or fastcgi_cache.


You can install Surge through your WordPress admin panel under Plugins – Add New. Search for “surge” through the search, install and activate the plugin. If you are using WP-CLI, you can install and activate Surge as follows:

wp plugin install --activate surge

Surge is a free plugin and is distributed under the open GPL license. The plugin source code can be found on the GitHub site. If you like the plugin, don’t forget to leave a review on WPnerd

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