How to Embed a Google Form in WordPress

Google Forms are the best way to communicate with people. Especially when it comes to jobs and filling online data. They are simple to use and can be easily shared anywhere you want. Moreover, you can also embed google forms on your WordPress site. WP offers a default form for contact information. But if you want to add extra details in those forms? You can use Google forms, they are much easier to use and also quite easy to handle too.

With individual responses from people, you can sort your forms easily. The best part of Google Forms is that you can share them with other sites. Unlike WP forms, which are much better than Google forms, but they are bound to your site only. With Google forms, all the responses will be saved at one location, which gives you a good idea of how to sort them.

How to Embed a Google Form in WordPress:

Create and Copy Form:

First thing first, visit the Google Form website and log in using your Google account.

Then you’ll need to create a new form. For that, you should click on the type of Form you want. Then enter the title and the description for that form.

After that, you’ll have to enter the questions. Choose the question type and the form will automatically give you the space for the answer.

You can also add images and videos for better understanding. Then you can press, add a question and it will be added.

Once the whole form is complete, you can click the Send button on the top right corner.

Click on the Embed option and click on copy.

Embed into WordPress:

Open your WP admin panel and choose a post/page.

Click on the Text button and paste the code you copied on the Form page.

Now publish the post and see the effect by viewing the post.

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It is that easy!

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