How to Disable Emoji in WordPress

Disable Emojis

Ever since the release of WordPress version 4.2, support for Emoji emoticons appeared in the core. It is implemented using the Twemoji external library from Twitter, and the emoji images are loaded from the server. You can disable emoji support using the plugin.

There are a number of reasons why site owners will want to disable emoji support in WordPress. The main reason is the prohibition of external resources, for example, when the site is part of an internal resource (intranet), or increased requirements for the privacy of visitors.

Plugin Disable Emojis

You can disable emoji in WordPress using the Disable Emojis plugin, which appeared with the release of version 4.2 of the WordPress core. It does not have any settings, and with the help of several filters and events, this plugin completely removes all scripts and styles from the Twemoji library.

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Please note that this plugin does not change the database schema, since version 4.2 supports extended encoding utf8mb4, so the emoji characters themselves can still be saved to WordPress posts and pages, regardless of the use of this plugin. At the same time, not all browsers will be able to display Emoji emoticons without additional scripts.

The Disable Emojis plugin is distributed free of charge in the official directory under the GPL license. You can install the plugin through the WordPress administration panel under Plugins → Add New.

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