How to Convert Old Editor Content to Gutenberg Blocks

Convert Old Editor Content to Gutenberg Blocks

After upgrading to any version above WordPress 5.0, your old post and page content will be displayed inside the Classic block in the new Gutenberg editor.

To convert the content into separate blocks, you need to edit each post and page. If there are dozens or hundreds of posts on the site, this can take a long time. Luckily, there is a bulk conversion option.

Let’s see how to bulk convert the content of the classic (old) editor into separate Gutenberg WordPress blocks.

Why Convert

Even if you have updated the engine to the latest version, all content created in the old editor will also be displayed on the site and available for editing. It doesn’t matter if it’s just text, a picture or a video.

You can always edit content in the Classic Block.

However, if you want to work in Gutenberg, it will be more convenient to remake all the content of the site for its format in order to take full advantage of the block editor.

How to convert content in Gutenberg

Let’s analyze what ways there are in WordPress.

Single block conversion

To convert a single piece of content into new Gutenberg blocks, click the More Settings button and select Convert to blocks.

In our example, 2 paragraphs have been converted into 2 Paragraph blocks. There will also be separate blocks for lists, photos, inserts and other content elements.

Convert all posts at once

This process is quick and easy for one post. However, there is no built-in way in WordPress to do this automatically for everyone. To do this, you need to use third-party solutions. For example, the free Bulk Block Converter plugin.

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After installing and activating it, go to Tools > Block Conversion. You will see the following screen:

Make sure you have a recent full site backup before using the bulk block converter. You will not be able to undo the conversion.

To start the conversion process, click the Scan Content button. The plugin will crawl all the site content and find one that is ready for conversion.

Posts and pages that use a mix of old and new editor blocks will not be accepted for processing.

To convert all content, just click the big Bulk Convert All button.

For individual posts, use the Convert button in the Action column.

After launch, the table will display information about the readiness of the conversion.

One issue you may encounter is that the large block conversion tool does not convert shortcodes. They need to be added manually.


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