How to Add Multiple Authors to WordPress Posts

How to Add Multiple Authors to WordPress Posts

There comes a time when you have a single article that is a combined effort of many people. Thus that one article requires you to post the names of multiple authors. Typically the name of the person who started the post is mentioned by WordPress. Doesn’t matter how many people have edited the post afterward, that name will remain there. So if you want to add multiple authors to your WordPress posts, we have this article for you. Follow below to see why you need to add multiple authors and how you can do that.

Why Add Multiple Authors in WordPress?

Most news sites have multiple journalists working on a single article. In such cases, they need to let people know about those who worked on it. The author who started the post, his name will be there by default. But in order to add multiple authors in one single post. You’ll need to do some workouts. For a single post, the solution is easy, but for all the posts, you’ll need to add some codes. You might need to install some plugins as well, so get ready as we are about to show you that.

How to Add Multiple Authors to Single Post?

Download the Co-Authors Plus plugin. Install and activate it. Since it is available in the WP plugin store, you can easily search it there.

Now edit the post or page where you want to add multiple authors. On the post edit screen, you’ll see a new box of ‘Authors’.

By default, it will show the original author’s name. You can add new names to it by searching for an author and press enter.

The selected author name will appear below the original one.

Show Multiple authors on your WordPress Site:

The co-Author plugin is great, but it doesn’t apply the multiple author options to all your posts. You’ll have to manually make changes in all your posts. But there are other ways to do it automatically. You just need to edit your theme files.

You’ll need to look for a code with a template tag the_author_posts_link() and then you’ll simply need to replace it with the following code:

if ( function_exists( 'coauthors_posts_links' ) ) {
} else {

Save the changes and then go back to your site where multiple authors took over the post. And watch how the author’s names are written.

How to add a Guest Author on WordPress:

Here comes another problem, what if you have a guest author to write content on your site. Since the plugin and the code only works for registered users.

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However, the Co-Author plugin also offers a simple way to add a guest author to your site. That person won’t have any access to anything except that he can only write on the post.

Navigate to the Users > Guest Authors page and click on the ‘Add New‘ button. Then add the details of the author and click on ‘Add New Guest Author“.

Now you’ll be able to select them as authors for your posts. Just like how you can choose registered users.

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