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There are many benefits to using customer relationship management software (CRM). A dedicated WordPress CRM plugin can help you harness the power of a CRM on your WordPress site, despite the fact that there are thousands of SaaS CRM tools. In this segment, we’ll introduce the best WordPress extensions.
You won’t have to learn a new user interface or integrate a new tool into your workflow to keep track of your customer relationships this way. The vast majority of the plugins discussed in this article are available for free, allowing you to try them out before making a final decision.

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1. HubSpot

CRM and deal management tool HubSpot is well known. In comparison to other WordPress CRM plugins, it’s a six billion dollar company traded on the New York Stock Exchange. If you’re looking for an expert WordPress CRM plugin, HubSpot has recently made a major foray into the WordPress market.
HubSpot’s CRM has always been a major selling point because it’s completely free. The WordPress plugin version of this tool is also completely free.
There are two parts to the puzzle when it comes to the HubSpot WordPress plugin. The CRM department is the first to mention. You don’t need to go to HubSpot every time you want to follow up with a customer, because you can access their contact information directly from your WordPress dashboard.
It’s worth noting that HubSpot is a $6 billion company, which means that their CRM has a lot of power to help with customer management. As a result, this is a post about CRM plugins for WordPress, so I’ll focus on that.
HubSpot’s plugin automatically matches up with any existing forms you have on your site, regardless of whether they were created using another plugin. Each email you collect through these forms is automatically added to your CRM by HubSpot. You can then use the HubSpot WordPress plugin to help you create:
With HubSpot, you don’t have to use a third-party form plugin to create forms.
Pop-ups: Make your forms appear in the form of pop-ups.
Using the live talk gadget, you can communicate with your visitors.
A simplified editor makes it easy to create and send emails. In the same way, you approach simple email automations. When someone completes one of your forms, for example, you can send an automated email.
And, of course, all of this information is synchronised with your CRM. For example, HubSpot will automatically add a contact to your CRM if they contact you via the new live talk gadget.

2. Jetpack CRM

WordPress CRM plugin Jetpack CRM was acquired by Automattic in August of this year. Automattic is the company behind, WooCommerce, and Jetpack, among other well-known WordPress features. Using Jetpack CRM does not require the use of the Jetpack plugin. This programme is available in both free and paid versions and is completely self-contained.
Most businesses that want to use WordPress locally and need a customer-focused CRM will find this tool to be an excellent option. It has some automated features, but that isn’t its primary focus.
Limitless customers are within your grasp.
Make detailed customer profiles and break them down into subgroups based on individual needs.
Produce receipts, statements, and bills (you can likewise see transactions per customer)
Analyze the deals with pipes
You have the option of granting access to your most loyal customers.
Integrate with tens of thousands of WordPress and SaaS-based software applications!
Forms you create yourself (or integrate it with some form plugins)
You can now send messages directly from Jetpack CRM.
CRM for eCommerce with dedicated WooCommerce integration
Customize your automation setup.

3. Groundhog

WordPress CRM plugin Groundhogg plans to offer broad marketing automation features comparable to SaaS tools such as ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit. I believe this is the best local WordPress CRM plugin for creating custom pipes and automation sequences.
When it comes to keeping track of your contacts’ specifics, I believe this tool is overly complex and that a solution like Jetpack CRM is a better fit. Groundhogg’s integration with other WordPress plugins is one of its most notable features, allowing you to set up automation successions using triggers and activities. Adding an item to a WooCommerce customer’s truck, for example, can trigger an automation group for that customer.
Intuitive CRM
As many people as you want to meet.
Custom fields can be added to hold additional data.
Marketing automation that is flexible
Streamlined channel manufacturer for automation setups. Additional triggers for plugins that are supported can also be added to the pipes (like WooCommerce).
Send e-mail jihads to the masses (use a committed SMTP administration for best outcomes).
An evaluation of internal data and reports
Data protection laws, such as the GDPR, must be followed.

4. FluentCRM

FluentCRM is yet another local WordPress CRM plugin that is available in both a free and premium version. It is an all-in-one CRM with some automation features and a deep database integration.. This tool isn’t quite as adaptable as Groundhogg, but it still has enough automation power to be useful for a large number of people.
FluentCRM, in my opinion, sits somewhere between Jetpack CRM and Groundhogg, making it a viable option if you’re looking for a contact CRM that also allows you to set up automation rules and marketing campaigns for those contacts. Make a phone call or send an email This device is incredibly useful.
CRM that includes purchase history, support tickets, and more
Crowd splintering
Sending emails and keeping tabs on how many of those messages have been opened
Configuration of email accounts via the block editor
Predictive response
Automated email marketing, as well as integration with well-known third-party plugins
A/B testing for internal analysis.
Manufacturer of internal forms
Includes support for third-party form plugins


All your internal and external connections will be managed by the WP ERP tool, which stands for WordPress (WP) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Using a web-based CRM, you can keep track of leads and communicate with customers. In the same way, you’ll find HR and accounting tools in the internal segment. It is possible, for example, to control the number of vacation days that your employees have.
WP ERP has a lot to offer beyond its CRM capabilities, but I’ll focus on that in this post because this is a post about WordPress CRM plugins.
Intuitive dashboard information
Manage an unlimited number of contacts, including lifecycle management, notes, etc.
In-depth contact search options
Using the WordPress dashboard, you can send emails to your contacts.
Action log for simple recording of phone calls, meetings, messages, and other communications.
B2B (business-to-business) connections are managed in a separate region. Several specialists can be added to a single business.
Import contacts by syncing with various applications.
Custom fields can be added to collect additional data.
Set up automated processes for sending messages and establishing new relationships.

6. UpiCRM

WordPress CRM plugin UpiCRM is completely free. While it lacks the slickest, most user-friendly interface of WP-CRM, it’s a good option if you’re looking for a free CRM plugin for WordPress.
If your company uses multiple WordPress installations, this is a great feature because it allows you to keep track of leads from all of them.
It is possible to collect leads from any form plugin, such as Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, and more.
Incorporated ace/slave functionality helps you gather leads from various servers.
When a new lead enters the picture, Relegate notifies the appropriate individuals via email and/or text message.
Displaying key reports and KPIs through the use of dashboards.
Using traffic source or UTM labels, you can track the source of leads.
Sort leads according to their statuses (e.g., “Qualified,” “In Progress,” “Shut,” and so forth.).
Set up automatic actions based on the triggers you’ve chosen. Take the following example: “Change lead status when appointed to user X”.

7. Zoho CRM

With the help of your favourite WordPress form plugin, you can easily integrate Zoho CRM with your SaaS CRM (including Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, and so forth.). An all-in-one deal-focused CRM with features like lead scoring and timelines is included in this application.
The Zoho CRM cloud dashboard is where you’ll manage your CRM, not your WordPress dashboard, because it’s not a local WordPress plugin.
Full control, including the ability to create custom fields.
Transactions and pipelines are the focus of transaction management
Automation of the workplace
The term “omnichannel” refers to the ability (email, phone, social and customer gateway)
In-house studies and reports
All of the above as well as much more are included in the deal’s activation
Forecasting and management of the territory
Developer of customised reports
Management of development and division of labour

Which CRM Plugin for WordPress Is the Best for You?

Is there a method for determining which WordPress CRM plugin is best for your needs? While each tool has its advantages, I’d recommend these two as good places to start.
First and foremost, I believe the HubSpot plugin is the best option for CRM because it is flexible and extensible. Since HubSpot is a $1 billion company, WordPress developers can’t hope to compete with the breadth of capabilities provided by HubSpot.
Groundhogg, on the other hand, is a local WordPress solution that also provides advanced automation. Groundhogg makes it simple to build your own automation pipes and more knowledgeable than SaaS tools because it considers limitless calls for well-known eCommerce and LMS plugins.
In the event that you don’t need all that functionality, these tools can be overly broad and appear to be rather boring because they are so adaptable. Jetpack CRM may be the best option for you if you think this way. WordPress has a customer-focused CRM built right in. Because of its greater automation flexibility than Jetpack CRM, FluentCRM can also be a good option for this scenario.

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